Our Coaches

CoachPrice9th Grade Head Coach and Founder – Cassandra Carter-Price

Memphis Future Stars organization was started by Cassandra Carter-Price to encourage the adoption of basketball by young girls in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Cassandra is well known in the greater athletic community from her involvement in coaching and training young girls in basketball. She enjoys teaching the game of basketball to young kids, because of the life lessons that can be learned and applied while playing the game. She likes being active in outreach ministries, family vacations, ocean retreats, attending sporting events and enjoys the variety of people she has met and made friends with through sports. Cassandra is married to Billy Price, and they have two kids; Adam and Alaina.



8th Grade Head Coach – Quinton Johnson (Coach Q)

Quinton “Coach Q” Johnson is a 27 year old native of Memphis, TN and a graduate of White Station High School. He has worked with the Melissa McFerrin and the University of Memphis Womens basketball program for two seasons and is currently an assistant coach at White Station High School.  He is also a musician at New Direction Christian Church, serving under Pastor Stacy Spencer.  He has devoted his life to ensuring the light that people realize the light that shines deep inside of them, and he hopes that his light will help them find their own!


7th Grade Head Coach – Ron McClainCoachRon_headshot

Coach Ron McClain has been with the Memphis Future Stars organization for the past few years.  In 2015, he took the 6th grade girls team to a 3 place finish at YBOA Nationals.  Coach Ron is an alumni of the University of Memphis where he played basketball on the men’s team.  He is currently the head coach of the White Station Middle School Boys Basketball team.

6th Grade Head Coach – Chrystal DavisCoachChrystal_headshot

Coach Chrystal is dedicated to ensuring that girls understand the fundamentals of basketball, the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and a love of the sport that could help them achieve their educational goals.




5th Grade Head Coach – Christin Little

Christin Little is a native of Memphis, TN. She is the proud graduate of Hamilton High School. Growing up, she was a very competitive athlete. Although basketball was her favorite sport, she excelled in softball, track & swimming. Christin attended Southwest TN Community College & the University of Memphis. Ms. Little is currently a certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach. She is very passionate about giving back, being a positive influence in her community & inspiring others to live healthier lives. Christin enjoys & participate in outreach/mentoring programs, being out in nature, target shooting, equestrianism, competitive sports, comedy, fine arts, cultural history and playing the violin. Christin has one daughter, Christal Little.
Her Motto is: Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. Work Ethic and character is sculpted. What does yours say about you?